June 17, 2020

Architecture and Data

Designing and implementing a cloud architecture and data strategy is challenging. There are many factors to consider when determining the approach to move off premises or to design a hybrid, public, or private cloud environment. For the image above we work our customers towards an automated environment to provide a "lights out" model.  This allows our customers to focus more on mission and less on infrastructure.  We want as few users to access the PROD environment, and script out the environments so they can be developed once but deployed many times. C2SCG has helped many organization save time and costs by automating their environments.

Architecture Services Include:

  • Infrastructure Strategy (All in vs. Hybrid) across CSPs and Fabrics
  • Automation of Environments across CSPs and Fabrics
  • Software Products/Tools: Prototypes, Evaluations, and Implementations
  • Applications and Websites: Development, Implementation, Automation
  • Configuration Management and Best Practices including: Automation, KPIs, Tools, Cost Management
  • Development/Implementation of Applications
  • Cloud Agnostic Strategies and Implementation
  • Automation of Roles and Services
  • Proof of concept for provisioning

Data Services Include:

  • Data Strategy across CSPs and Fabrics
  • Data Lakes Development
  • Data Tagging
  • Data Analysis and Forecasting
  • Building a specific and new data system in the virtual cloud
  • Big data, informatics, and analytics projects
  • Prototypes/Hackathons/Tool Development
  • Training labs
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data archiving
  • Data Analytic Models AI/ML

“If strategized and implemented correctly, data on cloud can give businesses the much-needed scalability, enterprise flexibility and trustworthy data powered insights for smarter and faster outcomes” – Jayant Swany, Chief Data Architect – Data Business Group

With our experience in developing and deploying cloud environments to meet various requirements,  implementing the correct cloud architecture and data strategy for your company will be a top priority of our team.