C2SCG in the Community

From our newest hire to our CEO, the staff of C2S Consulting Group enjoys donating their time and talents to those in need of a helping hand. Despite busy work schedules, our team members take pride in helping others and improving their local communities.

Here’s just a peek into how a few members of the C2SCG team give back:

David Kindle (AWS Cloud Architect):

"The kids and I work with the Alive program and hand out food to the less fortunate on the last Saturday of every month. We enjoy participating because it’s "doing" and not just writing a blind check.  This has provided great lessons for my kids over the years.  There is the volunteer food distribution and also opportunities to just provide food for distribution.  The people that receive the food are very appreciative.”

Grant Moller (Solutions Architect):

"We sponsor a child in Honduras through Children International.  I also routinely donate to Disabled American Veterans, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Green Beret Foundation as well."

Our CEO, Brandee Daly, gives back to the local community by volunteering and donating to Loudoun Interfaith Relief. Despite being one of the most affluent counties in the country, Loudoun County has thousands of people in need of food assistance due to economic circumstances. Brandee has regularly supported the organization’s vital mission by donating food, money and time.

One of our newest team members, Office Manager Audrey Ward, enjoys encouraging children to excel in her role as a Girl Scouts of America volunteer.

Our employees’ volunteer activities are a source of great fulfillment, knowing that their efforts help improve the lives of others and the communities that support them.