C2SCG’s CEO, Brandee Daly, Participates in ‘Tiny Heroes Winter Wonderland’

C2S Consulting Group’s CEO, Brandee Daly, participates in Yellow Ribbons United’s event ‘Tiny Heroes Winter Wonderland’

Being a part of the community and giving back to those that serve our country and their families is something that C2S Consulting Group’s CEO, Brandee Daly, is always excited to be a part of!  Yellow Ribbons United (YRU) has a goal to create a bridge between civilian and military families by providing opportunities and fun experiences for Americans to express their appreciation through civic and social actions. At ‘Tiny Heroes Winter Wonderland’ almost 300 children from military families attended and got to meet some Washington professional athletes from the Nationals and Redskins! It has been an honor to be part of this amazing event and to work with such a wonderful non-profit as Yellow Ribbons United. C2SCG has been a sponsor for the last three years, and we are excited to continue to make an impact on military families and the community!