August 9, 2018

C2SCSG Releases CloudPeel Tool on AWS Marketplace!

CloudPeel provides a platform for cost reduction through greater visibility, insight, and management of your AWS cloud resources. We empower customers to track resource spending with greater ease, manage resource scheduling, implement best practices, reduce costs, and correctly optimize cloud infrastructure.

DASHBOARD: CloudPeel provides a Cloud Dashboard with an overview of your cloud architecture health displaying important data in real-time on events, alarms, architecture, resources, and insights.

ROLES & ACCESS: Automated Implement IAM roles and policies

INVENTORY: Automated Real-time Inventory of services by: EC2 type, location, and status

ARCHITECTURE/NETWORK DIAGRAM:  CloudPeel provides an automated way to visually display your AWS Infrastructure and show interconnections of various AWS resources.  It provides automated real-time visual representation of AWS services and details on services to include: Service ID, Utilization, Service state, Security groups, VPC ID, Subnet ID, CPU utilization, Launch time, DNS name (Private and public), IP address.

SCHEDULING: CloudPeel has an EC2 scheduler through the dashboard to stop and start instances in your account at specified times to reduce costs in your AWS account.

MONITORING: CloudPeel provides a simple and easy to use interface to monitor your cloud resources

SECURITY AND AUTOMATED REAL-TIME VISUALIZATION: CloudPeel empowers users to visualize within AWS regions:
VPCs  displayed by region.
ELBs including per host health check status
Unused ELBs
EC2 instances, including their status
S3 Buckets
Detailed status information for all visualized objects

Check out CloudPeel in the AWS Marketplace here!