June 13, 2020

Cloud Cyber Security

C2SCG is leading innovation in Cyber Security, and has developed tools to Automate Threat Hunt and Detection  in the Cloud including: Threat Events, Security Incidents, Control Configurations, Risks, and Best Practices across CSPs.  C2SCG leverages innovative and cutting-edge approaches to cyber security trend analysis and big data analytics through automation and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. We have developed automation for threat detection across CSPs.

Services Include:

  • Automate Threat Hunt and Detection
  • Automate Cloud Service Provider Configuration Control Review and Settings (This is to review their configuration for open settings and threat vulnerabilities)
  • Continuous A&A and Automated ATO - Options can be run at any time and from anywhere
    • This is performed by either running our 1000s of scripts against their environment for Cloud
    • Security Reporting of failed items and remediation and cyber security hardening
    • Incorporating these 1000s scripts into tools specific for their environment,
    • Dashboard to review analytics of the above

C2SCG provides SME-level cyber security analysts to conduct cyber security analysis of mission critical infrastructure organizations. We also deliver remediation and cyber security hardening recommendations to affected organizations to ensure cyber incidents do not happen in the future.

C2SCG has developed a custom cloud software tool that integrates and automate the collection of cyber data directly from a customer’s cloud environment in a repeatable process. This tool assists in making informed decisions pertaining to a potential cyber incident that occurred, the type and amount of data that was vulnerable, as well as how to harden the cloud environment. The implementation of this application results in a significant reduction of time and resources, as the manual collection, organization and graphical depiction of hundreds of configuration datasets to provide a complete cyber posture of a customer’s environment is extremely resource intensive and time consuming.