July 30, 2015

Cloud Ready Products

With clients moving to the cloud, independent software providers (ISVs) also need cloud ready products to support client missions.  We have developed an Innovation Lab, to assist Software Vendors to help make their Products "Cloud Ready".

We have experts to evaluate products in our Innovation Lab to help you determine what changes are needed to your product for it to be "Cloud Ready" and optimize performance in the cloud in any region, including GovCloud and C2S.

Some of the Offerings We Provide Customers In this area include:

  • Product Migration - ISVs need to migrate their software to the cloud to be “Cloud Ready” - We provide migration assistance to AWS/C2S/Azure/Google Cloud, and ability to offer your products and services in the Marketplace.
  • Product Re-factoring – We help in analyzing current software design and make recommendations as to required changes to make it “Cloud Ready” – possible code re-write to make it more cost effective to operate.
  • AMI Development/Maintenance - To sell products to customers in AWS/C2S/Azure/Google Cloud space, ISVs can now sell their products in new ways including by AMIs.  We help to develop and maintain AMIs so you can focus on selling your product.
  • Hosting Software/Tools in Innovation Lab for Demos, and Development of new Products and Services.