Common Challenges in Cloud Migration

It’s no secret that migrating your business’s infrastructure to the cloud can save you money, offer unprecedented flexibility, spur collaboration and positively transform the way you do business. In recent years, companies of all sizes have been sprinting to the cloud to fuel agility and the momentum won’t be slowing anytime soon (seeing as AWS earnings in Q4 of 2015 were up a whopping 69% over the previous year).

But despite the many and obvious benefits, cloud migration doesn’t come without its unique set of challenges. In some cases, these challenges are daunting enough for companies to skip the cloud and get left behind with their old (but familiar) IT models.

So what are some of the major cloud migration challenges that keep CIOs up at night? We break down just a few here:

• Developing a holistic cloud migration strategy
• Security of data
• Managing user roles and permissions
• Training of IT staff and others
• Interoperability between systems
• Encouraging adoption among team members
• Choosing the best cloud offering

Taking the first step toward cloud migration and meeting these challenges head-on calls for a thorough cloud-readiness assessment. But where do you even start with so many moving and interoperable parts to consider?

According to Stephen Orban, Head of Enterprise Strategy for AWS, one of the fastest (and less stressful ways) to migrate your organization to the cloud is working alongside an experienced, AWS-certified partner. That’s where C2S Consulting Group comes in. We’ve helped government and business entities from startup to enterprise successfully transition to the cloud, all the while facing down the above-mentioned challenges armed with a wealth of experience.

Our AWS-certified team members handle all aspects of your cloud migration – from soup to nuts. From assessment to strategy to training, our proven methodology has helped countless companies make a successful transition to the cloud and helps ensure they are optimizing the cloud capabilities long after implementation.

If you’re ready to move to the cloud, skip the headaches and fast forward your migration by working with an experienced partner who’ll be by your side every step of the way.