June 18, 2020


C2S Consulting Group  integrates security, processes, and operations  in the automation of your DevSecOps cloud environment. Our experience in designing and implementing cloud solutions in the commercial and government sectors has provided us with extensive knowledge in how DevOps, SecOps, and IT operation methodologies are molded together to create efficient and resource-saving approaches to your cloud strategy.

Services Provided:

  • Automate ICD 503 and STIG Requirements and Continuous A&A
  • Mapping of ICD 503 and STIG requirements to automated scripts
  • Automate Cloud Service Provider Configuration Control Review and Settings (This is to review configuration for open settings and audit vulnerabilities)
  • Running our 1000s of scripts against CSP environment and providing results and self-remediation scripts
    •  Incorporating these 1000s scripts into tools specific for their environment,
    • Continuous A&A  and Automated ATO  - Options can be run at any time and from anywhere
    • Dashboard to review analytics of the above
  • Develop a Risk Management strategy for control implementations