July 30, 2015

Our Company

Founded in 2015, a Women Owned Small Business, C2S Consulting Group is the leader in Cloud Consulting Services to the Government.  Our mission is to change the government landscape by providing NEW and Innovative Cloud Solutions in areas such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Cyber, and Data Analytics.  We believe in AUTOMATING EVERYTHING, INNOVATION, and CONTINIOUS LEARNING.  We have a learning culture and heavily invest in our workforce through training, mentoring, and career development. C2SCG was founded by Brandee Daly, one of the key executives at AWS, who led the charge and helped the top-cloud provider achieve its unmatched growth and success.

Once their clients have successfully migrated to the cloud, C2SCG helps them to manage their environments through provisioning, automation, security and compliance, monitoring and logging, service requests, inventory classification, cost management and data protection, among many other activities.

C2SCG leverages its unmatched team of cloud experts, heritage, and growing portfolio of advanced cloud apps to successfully help their clients navigate through their cloud evolution. C2SCG only hires the best cloud migration and management professionals, making it unrivaled in terms of its cloud migration, management, and optimization capabilities.

In addition to being the best cloud migration and management consultants, C2SCG has developed in-house, best-of-breed applications that enable unprecedented levels of optimization. C2SCG leverages its proprietary CloudPeel cloud optimization application, the only true real-time optimization platform, to improve clients’ costs and environment efficiencies.

Building on its years of expertise in successfully transitioning clients to AWS, Azure and Google platforms, among others, C2SCG performs integrations that other providers can’t.

We have a proven methodology to establish Cloud Program Management Offices, architect new cloud environments, migrate existing cloud applications between environments, and migrate applications from on premises to the cloud. Our vision is to provide a world class team of experts that enable our customers to successfully adopt a multi-platform cloud culture, empowering them to rapidly and continuously innovate.

Meet with our team to identify ways to spend more time on your value-add and mission-critical applications and less time on activities that don't add to your bottom line.