March 7, 2019

C2SCG Partnership with Mercom for SEWP Contract!

C2S Consulting Group (C2SCG) and Mercom are excited to announce their partnership on the SEWP contract! C2S Consulting Group will be offering software tools such as the CloudPeel tool (, and Cloud Professional services.
C2S Consulting Group is positioned with cleared and commercial cloud developers, architects, ad DevOps engineers to help customers develop strategy, migration, and solutions to enjoy the benefits of the Cloud. C2S Consulting Group will provide customers with Cloud Experts in the areas of Strategy, Consulting, and Migration with deep AWS and Cloud expertise.
Companies and Federal government are rapidly adopting cloud computing for the ability to lower costs, speed to market, and innovation. C2SCG has developed CloudPeel as a way to Manage Your Cloud!!
CloudPeel provides  a platform for cost reduction through greater visibility, insight, and management of your AWS/GovCloud/C2S cloud resources.
We empower customers to:
•track resource spending with greater ease,
•manage resource scheduling,
•implement best practices,
•reduce costs,
•ensure compliance with 503,
•correctly optimize cloud infrastructure.
C2S Consulting Group is a company to watch in the future with its ability to serve both Commercial and Government customers, and help lead the cloud migration! Mercom is excited to now offer C2SCG services on their SEWP contract!