re:Invent 2017 Recap!

C2S Consulting Group had a great time in Las Vegas, Nevada attending re:Invent, which hosted over 40,000 attendees with activities, sessions, workshops, games, and breakouts spread across 5 hotels! We learned of many new AWS services and the future vision of cloud from keynote speakers such as CEO Andy Jassy and CTO Werner Vogels. Many new services were introduced such as Sagemaker, ECS for Kubernetes, Cloud 9, Kinesis Video Streams, Fargate, DeepLens, Neptune and many more! New and improved EC2 H1 and M5 instances were also announced for better storage optimization and general purpose compute. We look forward in working with the new AWS services to better serve our customers and will see you all at next year's re:Invent in 2018!

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