re:Invent 2017 – Tips and Tricks!

re:Invent is Almost Here!

The session catalog is out!  Start picking out sessions you would like to attend.  Level 300 and 400 are deep dive sessions.  The level 200 sessions are more of intro-level marketing speak.  Thursday the 19th at 2PM Pacific Time you can start registering for reserved seating.  This is highly recommended.  The technical sessions fill up first.  Make sure you can log in to the re:Invent 2017 website now.  You can register via the website or the app.  More sessions will be added all the way up to and during the event as they announce new services during the keynotes.  This year only 75% of the seats will be able to be reserved, and will be given away 10 minutes before the start time to walkups.  If for some reason you did not pay attention to the bold text above you may still be able to get into a session, just show up about 30 minutes early and get in the walk up line.

Helpful Links:

Main website:
Session Catalog:

Top 12 Things to Know Before You Go!:

  1. Plan, plan, plan.  There is too much to do. Actually, catch up on sleep now to get ready.
  2. Download the new re:invent app, you will need it while there. It comes out soon and is a must-have item for the conference.
  3. October 19 2PM PT – Reserve Seating starts.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes
  5. Bring a quick charger or extra battery for your phone.  They have Wi-Fi everywhere.
  6. AWS people with flags or ninja suits are great for finding directions. Yes, the stereotype is real, casinos can be confusing.  Ask for directions.
  7. Do not bother trying to take photos of the slides with your phone.  You can if you want to but you can see them on after the event.
  8. The videos of the sessions will be posted to YouTube.
  9. They provide breakfast, lunch, various snacks, and typically heavy hors d’oeuvres and libations.
  10. Monday and Friday are the slow days. Tuesday night the Expo opens if you want to see all the vendors and their swag.
  11. Thursday night the re:Play party is insane. Which world renowned DJ do you think it will be?  I am guessing they will have the Chainsmokers this year...
  12. Take notes and share your knowledge!!!

When you get your badge, ask where the swag is and they will point you to the location.  Last year they gave a sweatshirt and an echo dot to all attendees.  If you did two reviews of sessions that you attended, you could get a free water bottle (and other minor swag).  If you like swag, here is a good recap of some of the cool junk you can get:

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